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Email bentheballoonguy.ak@gmail.com or call 907-232-0280 to book.



2 hour minimum. Price break at 4+ hours.

If you want a balloon twister to provide individual creations for your guests: this is the service you’re looking for.  It is not exaggeration to say that when Ben The Balloon Guy is at an event, the balloon line is always the most popular.  Creative balloons with the WOW! factor that everyone remembers.



This includes twisting for up to 20 people and/or 1.5 hours.  It’s an interactive entertainment experience to have Ben The Balloon Guy for your party!  Also includes one large, more intricate piece made ahead of time for the guest of honor. Nearly anything can be made beforehand for the birthday guest; try and stump me!  


Custom made centerpieces bring life to any party.  All work is custom priced.  What makes Ben The Balloon Guy's creations different than the traditional decor providers, is an ability to integrate twister styles to add accents to your usual designs.


Want a custom built motorcycle?  A life-size portrait of your guest of honor?  A bouquet of a dozen roses?  Let’s talk. Need a giant dogsled? I can make it happen. The only limitations are time and budget.  I say I can make anything, and I stick to that claim!


Do you want a show that your audience will never forget?  The Salmon Lifecycle Show is a totally unique multimedia, participatory experience that follows a baby salmon from it's humble birth in a stream, to the ocean, and then back home again.  A grand finale awaits...where Ben The Balloon Guy hatches himself out of a salmon egg!

Noted author Ned Rozell says, "As a professional science writer, I've watched hundreds of presentations, but none like Ben Meyer's. His theatrical balloon production of the salmon life cycle engaged not only the kids, but also had every single adult smiling and laughing. He tricked us all into learning the basic facts every Alaskan should know."


Events more than 30 miles from Fairbanks will have an appropriate travel fee added, typically $0.75 per additional mile.

Competitive Pricing!

Ben The Balloon Guy is committed to providing the not only the best but also the most competitive service in Alaska.  Call or email for information about bulk discounts and special offers!


Prices subject to change with notice!  All major credit cards accepted.

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