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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

See the "Rates and Bookings" page above for further info on current pricing.

What if your time is up, and not everyone has a balloon yet?

If our booked time is coming to an end, I am available for additional booking in half-hour increments.

How can I book you for my event?

Balloons are (the most important) of many parts of my life, and as such my availability varies.  The best way to find out if I can come to your event is to call, email, or text with your inquiry.  Please provide the Time, Date, and Physical Address where you would like me to come.



What do you provide?


Each booking includes:

  • One sharply dressed and enthusiastic balloon guy!

  • All balloons and related supplies.

  • Depending on your timeframe and number of guests, balloon art can be made quick and simple or sophisticated and special!  Basic hats, swords, and simple animals are fast, whereas special requests require a bit more attention!

Can you make a [...]?  How much?

I love special requests!  If you have an idea in mind, get in touch and I will provide you with an estimate.  My favorite balloon sculptures are interactive and/or wearable!

Are balloons appropriate for toddlers?


No.  If the majority of guests at your event will be younger than four years old, balloon twisting may not be the best entertainment option... yet!  Balloons tend to make loud, scary popping sounds from time to time!  If you do plan on using balloons, consider round balloons for your event and do not let toddlers handle any popped balloons.

Are you a Clown?


No.  They haven't got me, yet...

Do you accept credit cards?


Yes.  All major credit and debit cards accepted using a mobile card reader.

How long will my balloons last?  What do I do with the popped ones?


Balloon sculptures may last a few minutes or a few weeks, depending on many things such as weather conditions, blades of grass, or energetic children.  Balloons remind us that our time is to be appreciated and enjoyed here, now, in the moment!  


Popped balloons are simply pieces of latex and will eventually decompose.  Popped balloons should be placed in with regular household trash.  Please keep popped balloons away from infants and toddlers!

Do you have helium balloons?


I generally do not use helium balloons in my work.  I feel that the danger of a balloon accidentally being released in to the environment is too great.  Latex balloons should be used responsibly and composted when popped.

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